Customer Feedback Results- 2019

At our celebration event held at Springfield Grange, Acle in 2019 we introduced a Customer Feedback Survey.

Our customers feedback is essential to us to learn from and identify areas we can develop for the future, understand the areas we are doing well, and most importantly ensure our customers are happy.

A few of the highlights of the survey are below;

  • 100% of customers who completed the survey felt their home and Springfield Grange is a place they look forward to coming home to.


  • 100% of our customers feel Crocus Homes properties are well constructed, using quality materials and specifications.


  • 100% of people feel the layout and design of their home meets the needs of them/ their family.


  • 100% of those people were pleased with the timescales in which defects they had experienced were attended to.


  • 100% of those customers would recommend Crocus Homes to a family member or friend.


It was genuinely rewarding to see these results and we sincerely appreciate the time our customers took to provide this to us.